Quick Updates for 2014..

Updated: Feb 22, 2020 Short URL: gonj.me/4883t8

To anyone new to GetOut, Jackie and I run our site, social marketing and advertising alone. This site is all done for fun. No big (or small) business back this at all. Ads / Server Rentals / Promoting / Swag (brochures and such) all come right out of my pocket. All the content comes from our explorations after work and on the weekends around the state (and beyond). The web development/backend of the site is all done in my spare time. We have about 36,000 pages / photos / event listings / town pages / group pages, and that will grow a good bit this year. Like I said .. all for fun :)

Though I run the site alone, we have had a few people contribute content in the last few months. I thank you! and I hope to have their content out live in our next release. If you would like to contribute, we are looking for a few things:

  • Photos
  • Articles
  • How To guides (biking, paddling, camping)
  • Events
  • Trip guides
  • Anything really

We will happily give back a link and a quality mention to you, your group affiliations, whatever. This is a great opportunity for your business to get some good advertising on a site that will only grow larger each day )

We have a lot of cool content coming out this year. We worked with businesses like Freekin Creekin Canoe & Kayak Rentals LLC and places like Cattus Island County Park to capture photos and GPS information. We'll be adding trip guides into the site soon I hope. But if may need to wait for the next version.

Next version? Yup.. I am currently working on a new release that will certainly change the site a good bit. I am taking our static pages and simple list based searching and heading it into a new direction. I am still trying to figure out that cool "thing" that really allow GetOut to stand out as the go to NJ outdoor reference site in NJ. Any thoughts? Send me a message and share :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

-Jeff C

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