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Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Short URL: gonj.me/168ewn

Editing the NJ listing
Though there have not been any updates posted to GetOut, a lot has been going on. Since it has been about a month since our last post, I felt it was time to do so :)

News, Links, Blogs and more

GetOutsideNJ runs using a CMS called Project Bill. It allows us to leverage modules (like calendar listings and user management) without having to reinvent the wheel. Over the last few weeks we have been working on a new module that adds news, blog posts, link management and more. These features are very close to being done. Meaning that we'll be able to easily post news articles for both GetOut, and articles that other sites have published. We'll be able to manage links going to other sites on the web easier. We'll also have a new/official blog up and running in the next few weeks. This will include all these blog posts, plus posts about our trips, recon missions and park reviews. There are few smaller things that come along with this, but they are just boring :)

Searching By Zip/City/Etc

Along with the new News/Blog module, we are continuing to work on on the regional "search by radius" feature of GetOut. We now have a much better/faster way to handle this. This has also allowed us to work on a new area of GetOut that will allow you to view information/links/listings/more about specific towns/cities/etc. This should be ready to go soon.

New layout for the Calendar

Our current calendar layout is not very usable. If you wanted to share just one listing, you could not. We made a few modifications to the flow of this area of GetOut that will help you find things to do all around NJ.

Our first reconnaissance mission of 2011

As a few of you may have noticed on both our Twitter page and our FourSquare page, we went out for our first recon mission this past weekend. We headed up to northwest NJ checking out a few campgrounds and a few new parks. Once we launch this site, we plan on sharing these recon days through a blog post. It'll contain detailed information of where we went, what we found and more. Keep an eye out for these starting next month.

Our official Launch!

We hope to have a real working site up for you soon. Maybe even for the weekend of April 2nd. We just need to finish the news/blogs/ways to search, and then import all the listings into the system that we currently have. Keep an eye out here and on FB or Twitter for updates.

Talk to you soon, Jeff C.

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