v1.0 - Out Of Beta, New Listings, New Towns, and More!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Short URL: gonj.me/482pqv
Over the last week we worked our butts off to get past a few humps that were holding back the site from being "production ready". We needed to address a few little things that were ugly/silly/not very usable.

Updated Search Listings..

The basic functionality of our Listing page has been running for a while. You can specify the location that you want to search near.. you can select only Mountain biking.. You can see listings and points on a map. Now.. well.. you can do the same. :)

We did make some changes on both the front and back-end of the search...

First off, when searching, you now can easily see what you had searched for. Though you could always see it within the left hand search choices, you can now also see and edit them right within the results. This allows us to send categories to the search that are not actually listed on the left side of the page. This will be big in the next few weeks :)

Second, we updated the backend to now allow us to cache the results to perform quicker queries later. This doesn't mean much to anyone...but it means a faster site once we start getting a lot of traffic :)

Updated Your Town listing pages..

The Your Town area is something that will become more and more vital to GetOut over the next few months... or even weeks. To prepare for those changes, we updated how we handle displaying the listings on the pages altogether. For example, if you look at the Monmouth page..


..You will find a section labeled "Latest Location Listing Updates Within Monmouth County". This simply displays the last few updated listings, and a direct link to the Monmouth search page. It used to be a big annoying list that was just useless. The changes we made this weekend will allow us to change this again in the next few weeks to really help you (and google) find specific things to do in specific places. That is all we can say tonight :)

Site tracking updates..

We have added tracking code all around the site to see who likes what, and what is never used. We hope that this allows to really spruce up the joint long term.

What is next?

The changes we made over the last week have set us up for some cool things coming down the road. We are working to change the flow of the search page, change the Your Town pages (lightly mentioned above), as well as start the "Groups" section. The Groups page will help promote local groups that do good things outdoors.

Enough for tonight. We hope you enjoy the updates, and the new listings.

Jeff C.

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