We'll show you that not ALL of Jersey Stinks -- some thoughts

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We'll show you that "Not *all* of Jersey stinks" - It is interesting to read the type feedback we get about this simple phrase/slogan. 99.8% of people think it is "cute" or even clever, because:
  1. #1 They have a sense of humor
  2. #2 They realize that the phrase Jersey Stinks is far from the proper way to describe NJ, and that we are playing on this phrase because we feel the same.
  3. #3 They realize that we are trying our best to show people that NJ is WAY more then a place to pass through, and is more than an MTV show, HBO show, or a smelly stretch on the Turnpike.

I (Jeff C) have have lived in NJ for just about all my life. I make my living in NJ, I travel throughout NJ, and certainly love NJ. Jackie has lived here her whole life, and the same goes for other contributors to this site. I volunteer to help keep trails and parks around NJ clean, open and enjoyable. All I want to do is share the beauty of NJ to people that simply have the wrong thoughts towards NJ. I spend hundreds of hours a year on this site (without being paid), and much more taking people out to see the parks firsthand.

Any negative feedback from people is always welcome. Especially if they have something to say on why they believe it is wrong. I will always discuss/share our mentality to this simple play on words. But it amazes us to see that most of the negative feedback is just over the top. It is hard for us to understand how a play on words makes people angry, completing missing the point of the site. We had someone write a nasty email one day telling us that we are bad people because of a slogan. Someone else said that we must not live in NJ, and must be part of a huge corporation pumping out negative publicity about NJ. Seriously? And tonight, we receive a message about how they resent the slogan because they love NJ. And we do not?

To any "haters".. what have you done to get information out to the masses about how great the state is? Do you have site that brings 400+ visitors and thousands of pageviews a day all about great places to visit in NJ? Do you volunteer, giving back to help keep this place great? If you say yes to any of these, I fully support and thank you.

To wrap this vent up, I want to share the following with anyone that doesn't understand our slogan -- Lighten up. We agree that NJ is amazing. Why would we dedicate our weekends giving back to it? Or giving up hours after work each week showing off that NJ is not just an industrial corridor? It is deep woods, forests, streams, campgrounds, great people and much much more. Hence why GetOut has over 20 Thousand pages, 3 years of un-paid development/photography/research. You read that right.. we do not get paid, and do not get perks.. we just love sharing how great NJ really is.

All we can do here is once again share what my life is completely wrapped up to do.. I want to show everyone that "Not *all* of Jersey stinks".

Would you like to provide some feedback on this topic? You can always send an email to: jeff@getoutsidenj.com. You can also review this same post on our facebook page post.

-Jeff C

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