The State We're In: Celebrate Highlands Water, History & Culture

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Great article by Michele Byers of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation on the important mission behind the Highlands Festival at Waterloo..

Water - clean and plentiful - is a luxury we New Jerseyans often take for granted. But as those who follow national and world news know, abundant drinking water is in heavy dispute in many places.

Almost 6 million residents of this state we're in depend on the Highlands for their water. The rivers, streams, lakes and underground aquifers of this mountainous region serve as vast sponges and filters for a safe drinking water supply.

For the first time, the Highlands and its water, culture, ecology and history will be celebrated at historic Waterloo Village in Byram Township.

Billed as "a celebration of all things local," the Highlands Festival at Waterloo on Sept. 21 and 22 will include tours of the restored 19thcentury village on the Morris Canal, live music, hikes, kayaking, boat rides, food, crafts, educational demonstrations, exhibits and vendors.

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition is hosting the festival. The coalition is an advocacy group whose mission is to protect the water and natural and cultural resources of the Highlands region - and raise awareness of its importance to New Jersey's quality of life. The coalition represents a diverse network of more than 75 organizations, including land preservation, environmental, agricultural and outdoor recreation groups.

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