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After a long summer full of trips, exploring, recon missions for the site, moving to a new house, and more, a few changes are installed on the site. What are these things you ask? Allow me to share:..

An updated look

The overall look of the page did not change tremendously. Mainly, the width of the non-listing pages (like the frontpage and blog postings) has widened. This was to allow more text to be placed onto all the main pages. I know that it is not a huge change, but it is a change :)

The "Listing Directory" page

All the listings within the system will need a "home" on the site. The project plan is to place just about everything onto the listing page. This page will be used to display all the listings in alphabetical order. we know that it is not completely usable, but you will just have to deal while we develop the final solution.

A new layout for the listings

There have already been a few listings in the system, but the layout contained fake data, and was simply not going to cut it long term. A few noteworthy updates:

  • A new spread-out feel - Though we did not make this page any wider, we have spread out all the elements in an attempt to help readability.
  • A new header - The header of the listing page has been completely redone. The old one was rather confusing. It contained text, links, pictures maps.. simply too much. But we feel that you will not the same now..
  • An actual map - The original map on the page was simply a screen shot of Mercer County Park. We now use google maps to return a non-interactive version of the common maps most people know. A more advanced map will be added later.
  • Weather Widget - We have added a simple weather widget to display the current weather of the town that the listing lives within.
  • Real comments - I had added comments into the blog here a while back. This same solution has been added to the listing page as well.

We plan to continue development over the next few weeks to create a listing page that is actually worth using. We will also add in a search that will allow a user to find a place to mountain bike in Sussex. And we'll update each listing to include images, calendar listings, external links, and much more. Please check back often.

Talk to you soon. Jeff C.

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