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New Search Options
Spring is coming, and we are pushing to get this site up for you! This weekend we made a few updates, including a search update on the listing page, a search for calendars, a small change to the layout and more. We are also starting to post events on the facebook page.

Location and Calendar Listing Search Updates

The plan this weekend was to give you the ability to search for listings (both calendar and location) by both category (like dog park), and by a radius from a zipcode. This was a large undertaking that was not 100% completed. But, we did make progress. The search system now allows you to choose how much data is returned, as well as how strict your search is. We also added a search by keyword feature that will be added in the future. There are also a few changes that you can't see. Mainly changes to the back-end that allow for faster and more flexible searching.

We also added the category search functionality to the calendar listings. It contains the same powerful searching back-end that we originally found on the location listing page. In the near future, we will also include the ability to narrow by date, as well as zip/city based radius searching.

Searching Updates

Like i mentioned above, we will have a new version of the search coming. This will include a way to see events and listings in one town, zip, region, county, etc. This will also allow you to see results within a certain radius of a point on a map, an address, or a city/zip combo. It will all be done in a very simple way for any user. You will either click on a map to set you starting location, or just type in a box that uses magic to tell you what is next. Try it out below. Just type in a town around the US and see what it has for you:

Enter a city or zip:

We believe this, along with being able to just click on a map to select your starting location, will really set us apart.

Setting Your Home Location

As we develop different features, we are keeping an open mind towards some simple features that will allow you to get things done quicker. Then you will be able to come back later, and get it done again with even less effort. One of the best things that is on the development table deals with searching for a specific location. Let's say you always want to find parks within your home town. Or things to do within a 20 mile radius of your address. Currently, you'll have to select your search location every time you visit the calendar or listing pages. In the future, you will be able to save your zip/city/radius as a "home" location. Using this, we'll present personal recommendations for that area, local weather, and your searches will always start at that point. I promise, you'll love it.

Upcoming Events

As many of you know, I take out people for camping/hiking/paddling/exploring trips throughout the warmer months of the year. Now these are going to be connected to GetOut. We'll be posting these trips/events on our facebook page, within the events section. We also plan on starting a group on that will allow us to organize some fun trips, as well as meet a lot of new people. Currently we only have one camping trip scheduled, but that will grow, I promise. Keep an eye out for these.

Talk to you soon, Jeff C.

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