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It is about time to share a quick update about what has been going on around GetOut. If you follow us on twitter or facebook, you have seen these updates. I have just been a little too busy to list them on here as well :)

Your Town / Local NJ / Whatever we call it

We have finished the base programming for the Your Town area of the site. You will see the new link across the top of the site for this area. It'll allow you to pull up one page for a specific state/county/city/etc to see all the calendar listings, locations listings, news posts, and more. This is going to be a very useful component of GetOut.

Calendar Update

We cleaned up the calendar listing area. We changed this from having one large page with ALL the listings. The search now displays basic information about the listing. Then you will follow a link to the specific listing page to view the info. This will allow you to share one listing easier.

Searching - General

Searching By City/Radius is one HUGE step closer to being a reality. You can see this being used when you go to the Howell, NJ page (for example) when it brings up all the calendar listings specific to Howell. Once this feature is finished, you'll be able to use it on the site.

This Weekend..

We hope that over the upcoming weekend we get done everything on the to do list. That includes the city/radius searching, updating the google map software and completing a few little things on the backend. Once these are done, we'll start out location listing import and add in as many calendar listing as we have. I guess that means we might finally be live? :) We Hope!

Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter!

Once again it is time for some shameless promoting. If you have not yet checked out our Facebook page, Foursquare account or Twitter accounts, please do. And if you want to support getting outside and playing in NJ, please Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and tell you friends about us :)

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