Freedom Fest State Fair back at Horse Park of New Jersey

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A GetOut visitor emailed us today with a great event that was missing from our calendar! This year, the Freedom Fest State Fair will be held July 10 through July 15th. They have also moved the location back to the Horse Park of NJ. here is some information from their FB from earlier this year..
IT'S OFFICIAL- THE FREEDOM FEST STATE FAIR IS RETURNING TO THE HORSE PARK OF NEW JERSEY ON JULY 10-15, 2012. THE FAIR WILL AGAIN FEATURE REITHOFFER SHOWS. While we were highly satisfied with Reed Park. It is slated for construction in 2012 and too many unknowns would have made planning tough. The HORSE PARK was our home for 4 years and we enjoyed every minute of the Park. The only reason we moved for one year was a scheduling conflict. We will again work very hard with the Township of Upper Freehold and plan a UF Day.

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