The first step in the next big feature

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It is official.. The first step in the next big feature on has been launched. We can now plot routes / trails on our detailed maps pages. Check out this basic example on our Manasquan Reservoir page..

Manasquan Reservoir, Detail Map

We bet you did not even know that there is a smaller trail off the main loop in the south west section of the park :)

Now you may be asking why this is such a big deal. We'll admit that placing lines on a google map is not new. But the new the overall feature is not much more then this. In the next few months we'll be able to provide you with detailed trail maps, detailed step by step guides, photos tours, and whole lot more. We would even be able to plot the route for an upcoming race and provide you or your group that Google Map data/code to display on your own site :)

Keep an eye out over the next few months for some fun things dealing with this. We are excited for this change, and we hope you are as well :)

-Jeff C

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