Getting to know you, and your favorite park

Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Short URL:
We slowly started emailing campgrounds, park systems and any "outdoorsy" groups this evening. The overall goal of the email is to:

- Say Hello and introduce the website. Not many groups know about how large GetOut will be this year.
- Ask you to start sending us emails about events and special programs.
- If you would like to participate in a special "getting to know your park/campground/etc" feature that we are starting this year.

If you are an outdoor group, campground, park system, and would like to do something special with, please message us on our facebook page, or email directly. If you know of a group / park system / etc that deserves a special mention, please let us know or pass this on to them. We'll give free promotion to just about anyone with an outdoor connection.

Thank you for the help!

-Jeff C.

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