v2.2.1: What's Nearby, new locations, and new galleries

Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Short URL: gonj.me/1040rr

Over the last month, we have not made any larger changes to the coding of the site. This is because our last larger releases added all the features we needed. Also, with spring rolling in, we wanted to get outside more than stay in and type :)

About a week ago, we presented a basic question to Facebook and some other groups.. What do you think about GetOut? We had rather good feedback, including everything from people disliking the layout, to hating the slogan, to wanting a better search, to many things in between. It was all great (and sometimes hard) to read. But out of that, we found a few things to change today.

"Listings" mean "Advertising"?

One great piece of advice dealt with the name of the Browse Our Listings and Search Our Listings pages. It was mentioned that having "Listings" in the title made them sound like you would search for advertisements and not parks, campgrounds, etc. With a few changes we now have "Browse Our Directory" and "Search Our Directory". We believe this will help a lot.

Nearby Places

I believe I use this site more than anyone else, planning our spring/summer trips. When doing this, I found that it is hard to find what is nearby a specific location. With a few changes this weekend, we now have a new "tab" on a location page called "What's Nearby". This now allows you to quickly browse for parks, campgrounds, places to hike and more with just a few clicks. See this in action now with the following link: Campgrounds near Tillman Ravine.

New places, galleries, and more

Beyond the programming and text changes, we also added a few new groups, places, and galleries. Please view them below.

-Jeff C

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