Featured Place: Forge Pond and the nearby Metedeconk River

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This weeks "Featured Place(s)" is and Metedeconk River. Why this location? Because it is our favorite place to kayak in central NJ. Pretty simple reason I would say :)

Forge Pond

The pond is located west of Rt 70 in Brick. There are 2 parking lots and a boat launch off Rt. 70 as well. The pond itself is affected by the tides, and the water is brackish.. meaning it is a mix of salt and freshwater. Within the pond you will find fish, birds of all types (including nesting swans), turtles, tall reeds and just great flora. The pond is not very large, but it is simple a great day out.

Metedeconk River

The Metedeconk River flows into the pond entering from the "far left" side of the pond (when parked off Rt 70). It then flows out of the pond below two Rt 70 bridges. Depending on the tide, taller boats will most likely not fit under the bridge.

Paddling under Rt 70 is nice, but not our first choice. If you oaddle far enough, you will get past the marinas and boat traffic, out into a very wide river. Paddling far enough will actually bring you to Windward Beach.

Our advice would be to head up-river. This is where you will find the true beauty of the area. The river winds back and forth many ties before entering the woods. At that time the trees and undergrowth rise up, making you feel like you are paddling through a thick forest that is not in ventral NJ. Eventually, you will reach the GS Parkway bridge, Chambers Bridge Road, and even further. Some people have even said that they have made it to Lake Shenandoah in Lakewood, but we believe that would take getting out of your boat in some overgrown areas.

Midstream Rental - Kayaks, SUP, Yoga, Night paddling

We recently found a rental shop right off the Metedeconk, just a few hundred feet from the Rt 70 bridge. Midstream Rental has both kayak and paddle board rentals, allowing you to explore all areas of Forge Pond and more. The prices are decent, but you get new boats all in great condition. Highly recommend if you want to paddle around the pond, but do not have a kayak.


Within a short drive, you will find a lot of great places. Allaire State Park, Edgar Felix Bikeway Trails, the Garden State Velodrome, at Wall Raceway and much more. Please visit the "What's Nearby" page for more.

For detailed information about Forge and the Metedeconk, please visit the pages and galleries below.

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