Fall is here.. lets get back to work..

Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Short URL: gonj.me/5587hq
As many of you read on Facebook, we put a hold on updates to GetOut over most of the summer months. This was mainly because we would rather be outside playing than stuck at a computer. Can you blame us? :) But now that it;s fall, and the days are shorter, we get home a little earlier, and have more time to work.

Though we do not have a list of implemented changes just yet, there are a few things that we should have added to the site soon..

Photos and Videos..

The website that inspired GetOut is Carabs.com. It contains thousands of photos of locations around NJ. The photo gallery is rather basic, and is very old programming. It does work very well for carabs, and brings in hundreds of hits a day.

Knowing how much added value the photos add, we started work on the next large component of GetOut... Photos and Videos. Over time, this will not just allow you to see a nice shot of High Point. It will also allow you to take a virtual tour of an entire location. you will see everything from the entrance to the scenic views from the best overlooks.

A members section..

As some people already know, we will have a members section of GetOut. Once launched, it'll allow you to sign up and plan your trip to great places. This is still a good amount of time away from officially being launched. But each time we add a new module to GetOut, we also put some work into the members area. Work on the photo module also adds some development time for the members section. With the smaller changes we added this past week, we we might be one more week closer to allowing you to sign up.

New Maps Page..

We understand that the "Maps" page associated to a location is somewhat weak. Though some location pages have a lot of nice data (like Baldpate Maps), it is still not very usable. We have started a redesign of these pages that i believe everyone will like. There should be something new to see here in the next few weeks.

New Search Categories..

We have added a new set of categories for locations today that will be used for bike shops, shops selling outdoor gear, and more. This will be a nice addition to the site as we add in places for you to buy new gear :)

What is next?

We hope to have some great new changes added in the next few weeks. We also have some new locations that should be live this weekend. And now that we all have more time after work we should have a lot more listings and updates weekly, instead of seasonally :)

Enough for tonight. We hope you enjoy the updates, and the new listings.

Talk to you soon, Jeff C.

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