Maps and Calendars Are Here

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After some hard work over the last few weeks, I have finally made enough progress with both the calendar system, and the new mapping solution, to push it out live for testing around the site. Click around and let me know what you think.


If you drag the map to the right you will see a
marker on Manasquan Reservoir. You can
click the marker for more Information.

The new mapping system is pretty sweet. A few notes:

  • I can have the system load marker points from the database I maintain, from points that I place into the HTML from each page, or from many other sources.
  • You can also drag the map around to other areas of NJ (or just zoom out), and other points will be displayed for the other locations in the system,
  • I also have some basic functionality that will allow me to add lines across the map to show routes and trails.

The back end of the mapping system has also been completed. I can edit these maps on the fly, meaning they will be more accurate and up to date. I can update them while out on the road, or while home at my computer. In the past, i had top generate special files (GPX files) with GPS information and then import that into a basic system. It did not allow me to edit the points in real time. Now, I can move a point just a few inches right on a real google map for ultimate accuracy.

Since this mapping system is still being tested, please let me know if you see any issues. To see these maps "in action", click any listing, and then click on Maps. Or, just go here> Allaire maps


The new Calendar system is rather basic right now. At least, it looks basic when viewing my dummy entries on the Calendar page, and on every location listing in the system. But the back end is rather powerful. I am leveraging the same search power that the location listing area will be using. You'll be able to find events in any geographic area or date range that you are looking. It is going to be very useful.

Your Help

One of the hardest things that we'll face here is to actually find interesting things to do all around NJ. I am on a few email lists through the state and local rec departments. I hope to have a LARGE list of cool things going on outdoors. Do you have any recommendations? Places I could go for a steady list? Do you have things going on that would be considered "outdoorsy"? We would like to include everything from JORBA Fest on June 18, 2011(more info), to events gong on in a campground, to trips by local groups to hike around NJ.

More This Weekend

If all goes well, i should have some killer news to post here about the updates i am making over the weekend to our systems. Maybe even some searching? We'll see :)

Talk to you soon, Jeff C.

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