Historic Allaire Village

4263 Atlantic Ave, Farmingdale, New Jersey 07727

Historic Allaire Village At A Glance...

About Historic Allaire Village

The historic Allaire Village was known as the Howell Works in the early 19th century. At that time it was a thriving industrial community which produced pig and cast iron. The buildings which remain today include a general store, blacksmith shop, carpenters shop, managers house, foremans house and a church. One of the workers' row house buildings is now the Visitor Center and Museum. You will also be able to ride the train that is located just next to the village.

  • Activities:
    • Equestrian / Horseback
      Maybe not within the village. May want to stay in the main section of Allaire
    • Jogging / Running
      Trail running
    • Walking
    • Bathrooms
    • Nature / Environmental Center
    • Picnic / Sitting Area
    • Grills / Firering
    • Picnic shelter(s)
    • Picnic tables
    • Boardwalks
    • Flat / Easy
    • Crushed rock
    • Paved
    Park Type:
    • State Parks
    • Historic Area
    • Biking *NOT Permitted*
      NO BIKING IN THE VILLAGE. But deeper within Allaire is amazing

Programs / Education

There are fun programs going on throughout the year. During the warmer months of the year the village will be staffed by historic characters telling tales of a time long ago. They also have tours and special educational events.

Trail & Path Info

There are some small paths directly around the village that are foot traffic only. As in, no bikes or horses allowed.

If you grab a map, you will be able to find multiple trails down to the Manasquan River. You can also find your way all the way to the campground, or north of the village towards the old (and closed off)Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center.

The Edgar Felix Bikepath starts way back in Manasquan and comes all the way to the parking area near the village. You could even park in the village parking lots and bike out from there.

You can not get from the village to the main MTB/Hiking trails on the southern side of the park. The main lot for these trails is found a few miles away off Hospital Rd.

Admission & Guidelines

Allaire State Park has an entrance fee between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You will need to pay this to the park before entering the village.

Some special events, like Wine Festivals, may have additional fees beyond the park entrance fee.


You can get to the main parking lot through the park entrance off Atlantic Ave. Just pay your park entrance fee (when applicable), and follow the road to the main lot. The village is just a short bit beyond the parking area... you won't miss it.

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Related Groups / Organizations

The Village itself is managed by The Historic Village at Allaire. They are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, licensed by the State of New Jersey to operate and manage the historic property located within Allaire State Park. They donot receive state funding and relies on donations, membership, and fundraising events to help fulfill our mission of preserving the history of this site and educating the public about life in the Village in 1836. Donations to Allaire Village are tax-deductible. This means they need your support to keep this great location open!

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Historic Allaire Village is rather nice. It's also part of  Allaire State Park

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