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Photos Of: Pleasantville to Somers Point Bike Path - 06/26/2009

A few simple shots of this very nice bikeway.

Photos Of: Estellville Glassworks (Estell manor) - 06/26/2009

Information Coming Soon..

Photos Of: Estell Manor Park - 06/26/2009

Here are some shots from our last visit top Estell Manor. What a great park!

Photos Of: Estell Manor Park - Trails - 06/26/2009

We had a great time biking Estell Manor a few years back. Can't wait to get back there again.

Photos Of: Estell Manor Park - The rivers - 06/26/2009

Just a few nice shots of Stephens Creek and South River from Estell Manor.

Photos Of: All Wars Memorial Park - 06/26/2009

We took a trip a few years ago to southern NJ. During our exploration, we ran into All Wars Memorial Park.

Photos Of: Lawrence Bud Kern Field - 06/26/2009

Some photos of the Lawrence "Bud" Kern Field.

Photos Of: John F Kennedy Park - 06/26/2009

We found this great park back in 2009 while visiting South Jersey.

Photos Of: Veterans Memorial Park - 06/26/2009

We found this sports complex back in 2009 on a trip to south Jersey. The fields were all well maintained. But the B...

An early spring quick stop in Grace Lord Park (2009) - 03/21/2009

An early spring quick stop in Grace Lord Park... 2009-03-21... Coming Soon...

Late November hike through Perrineville Lake Park (2008) - 11/28/2008

In 2008, we visited a small park in Monmouth County called Perrineville Lake Park.

A nice autumn walk through Sourlands - 10/18/2008

Fall is a great time to visit Sourland Mountain Preserve for a nice hike through the woods. here are a few shots fr...

Photos of: Twin Lights Historic Site - 08/03/2008

We took a trip to the Twin Lights Historic Site this nice summer day. The views are amazing, the lighthouse is fun ...

Photos Of: Woodfield Reservation (2008) - 06/28/2008

In June, 2008, we heard about a great park in Mercer County that had huge boulders, great trails, and a rock field ...

Paddling the Manasquan River Wildelife Management Area - 06/24/2008

Many times a year, we'll push our kayaks out onto the Manasquan River to explore the Manasquan River Wildlife Manag...

Trail Day in Baldpate with New Jersey Trails Association (njtrails.org) - 01/27/2008

In 2008, we met up with New Jersey Trails Association as they worked to fix a few trails in Baldpate Mountain (Merc...

A cold walk through Jungle Habitat - 12/06/2007

Back in 2007, we visited Jungle habit in West Milford, New Jersey. We have wanted to visit here for a Very long tim...

Photos of: Sawmill Lake Campground (2007) - 05/21/2007

Here are few shots of a camping trip at the Sawmill Lake Campground that we had back in 2007.

Photos of: Tripod Rock / Pyramid Mountain (2006) - 12/30/2006

Here are some pictures from a trip we took back in 2006, hiking to Tripod Rock. We can not wait to get back their a...

Thompson Park (Monmouth), pre-fire and day after fire photos (2006) - 05/06/2006

In 2006, the old Thompson Mansion had a large fire that rolled through just about the entire building. Here are ...

Prospertown Lake in Fall - 2005 - 11/06/2005

Here are some shots from a nice paddle we had back in 2005 in Prospertown Lake.

Dog Park at Thompson Park (Monmouth County) - 10/16/2005

We stopped into Thompson Park in 2005 and had a great time watching the pups play in this very popular dog park.