Photos of the week! May 12

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Each week we share a few photos of fun places around NJ with the hope that you find fun places to explore. This week we are sharing a view of the Water Gap, a tiny inchworm (at Turkey Swamp), the Watershed Institute, Washington Crossing, Duke Farms, Tripod Rock, and Fort Mott.

Let's Collaborate! If you have a place to feature and/or some photos to share, please contact us.

A beautiful view in the Gap

This was taken a few years back while hiking in the Delaware Water Gap. Boy, is this beautiful!

A hitchhiker jumped aboard while on a hike in Turkey Swamp Park

Always a nice walk in the Watershed Institute

This is one of the many walking/hiking paths around the property. Not all are along a field... many are in the woods, up hills, or through marshes... it is a great place to explore.

Cross this bridge for more adventure

This walking bridge is just outside the Washington Crossing State Park. It allows users of both Washington Crossing and the D&R Canal to safely cross Rt 29 and continue with their adventures.

This way to your next adventure

Dukes Farms is magical any time of the year. But there is something a bit extra in the spring.

Have you ever visited here? What is your favorite part?

Tripod Rock

Spooky tunnel?

This old tunnel is located in Fort Mott. Also, it is not that spooky.

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