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Each week we share a few photos of fun places around NJ with the hope that you find fun places to explore. This week we are sharing the 18 Hole Disc Golf Course at Ocean County Park, Air-Mods Flight School, Holland Ridge Farms, Mercer County Park, UACNJ Observatory at Jenny Jump and the World War II Lookout Tower

Let's Collaborate! If you have a place to feature and/or some photos to share, please contact us.

Loving spring growth along the trails each year in Mercer County Park (taken May 21)

The lake in Mercer County Park from the air

We took a fun flight through Air-Mods in Mercer County for a flight around the area. My favorite part (besides flying of course) was the chance to see Mercer CP from the air!

Straight shot into the temp hole #5

A few years back we were invited out to a special event in Ocean County Park. This was put on as a demo by Ocean County Disc Golf and South Jersey Disc Golf to showcase their proposed course.

This event was a success, and a perm course was approved by OCP a few months later.

Fun times under a beautiful NJ night sky

This was taken a few years back at a Family Day event in Jenny Jump. What a special place!

Almost sunset at the World War II Lookup Tower

Maybe, just maybe, this year we'll make it there when are actually open :)

Tulip Bloom in Holland Ridge

The Tulip bloom is just about over for the 2022 season. Did you visit this year?

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