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A hike at Ramapo Mountain State Forest - 07/27/2021

We visited Ramapo Mountain back in 2019 for a hike. Wow, this place is beautiful!

An Early Winter Visit to the Highlands Natural Pool - 05/28/2018

In late March 2009, we stopped into a place that was new to us... the Highlands Natural Pool.

April at Van Vleck House and Garden - 03/27/2018

After appreciating textures in brown, gray, and white for the past few months, it is a relief to see some bright co...

A Fall Walk To Boonton Falls (2014) - 10/20/2015

A Fall Walk To Boonton Falls (2014) Coming Soon...

Photos of: Paterson Great Falls (2014) - 08/31/2015

During a day of exploring in northern NJ, we stopped in to Paterson Great Falls. What a great little park. Can't w...

Van Saun County Park in Winter (2015) - 02/14/2015

We made a quick stop into Van Saun County Park this winter to see why so many people rave about this park. And we c...

Photos Of: Warwick Drive In - 08/30/2013

The Warwick Drive In is GREAT! We have been going there since we were kids. We still hit it up a few times a year!

Hiking Wawayanda State Park, 2009 - 07/29/2013

In 2009, some friends headed to Wawayanda State park in Hewitt, NJ. As usual, we had a great time as we explored.

Biking Wawayanda, 2007 - 07/28/2013

Back in 2007, I took a great bikeride through the park. Here are a few shots as i tooled around.

An early spring quick stop in Grace Lord Park (2009) - 03/21/2009

An early spring quick stop in Grace Lord Park... 2009-03-21... Coming Soon...

A cold walk through Jungle Habitat - 12/06/2007

Back in 2007, we visited Jungle habit in West Milford, New Jersey. We have wanted to visit here for a Very long tim...

Photos of: Tripod Rock / Pyramid Mountain (2006) - 12/30/2006

Here are some pictures from a trip we took back in 2006, hiking to Tripod Rock. We can not wait to get back their a...