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Each week we share a few photos of fun places around NJ with the hope that you find fun places to explore. This week we are sharing Round Valley, Wharton State Forest, Birch Grove, Estell Manor, and Cattus Island.

Let's Collaborate! If you have a place to feature and/or some photos to share, please contact us.

Biking in Round Valley

Have you ever visited RV? What is your favorite part?

RV has always been one of our favorite parks around NJ. The water is beautiful, the landscape is amazing, the trails are superb... we just can't get enough of it!

This was one of the first pictures I ever took for the precursor to GetOutsideNJ, way back when I was a youngin' in 2004. Since this time we have been back hundreds of times to camp, bike, hike, paddle, picnic, and relax.

Up for a trip on the river?

Do you like to kayak or canoe? Ever paddled in the Pines?

A few years back we went out with Mick's Canoe Rental for a group paddle with a lot of good folks. It was our first time paddling any water in the pines and loved it. Specifically, Wharton. The dark brown and very warm water was very special!

Reflections in Birch Grove

This small but nice park offers walking trails, a playground, a fishing pond, and concerts throughout the summer.

Did you ever get to camp there when the campground was still running?

Beautiful view in Estelle Manor Park

We <3 Estelle Manor

Do you <3 Estelle Manor?

A different view of Cattus Island

Did you know that Cattus Island offers boat tours out in the bay? We didn't either!

A few years back the OC Park system reached out to us to see if we wanted to take a boat tour of Cattus Island. Of course, we said yes.

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